‘Godly Man’ throws mask anger at Walmart: VIDEO


There was a whole scene recently at a Walmart in Alaska. As the video shows, a potential client had a major fit after apparently being told he needed to put on a mask.

“Get this out of your way to hell,” he shouted, pointing to a Walmart employee. “And come out of the face of a godly man.

At first it looked like he was going to leave the facility. Nope!

“Have a nice day,” another man said off camera.

The “godly man” stopped, turned around, and continued to harangue everyone.

“No, I’ll do it by your blind, ignorant – You don’t even have the ability to fucking come up with your own ideas!” ”

We hate to bust a cliché, but words really don’t capture this legendary tantrum. It goes on and on like this for almost 3 minutes.

The “pious man” demanded to see a manager while confronting several employees.

“No, I choose to scream, and you can’t STOP me!” ” he said.

Things have progressed. He returned to the woman’s face.

“I have the right to life, to freedom and to the pursuit of happiness,” he said.

Another woman – apparently the person who recorded the incident – told the man to “stop spitting on people”. The “pious man” turned his attention to her. They argued. He accused her of threatening her and called her the B word.

“No one is threatening you,” she said after accusing another person of threatening her. The “godly man” called the offscreen individual the P word, and “you are not even human.”

A representative for the company said this happened in Anchorage Thursday, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“It is unfortunate that this person has chosen to express his dissatisfaction in such an inappropriate manner, but we are proud that our associates have shown patience and professionalism in this difficult situation,” the company said.

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