GMB’s Ranvir Singh mortified as she accidentally ended up on vacation with her boss


Good Morning Britain host Ranvir Singh returned from her vacation to host Wednesday’s show with Adil Ray.But she revealed her trip overseas hadn’t been the break from work she had fully anticipated.

Laughing, she explained to Adil that when she arrived to check in at her hotel, she spotted her boss Neil Thompson, who is editing the show, right next to her, and he realized that they had booked the same vacation.

Not only that – but they were actually next to each other in their hotel suites – but the friendly couple ended up enjoying dinners together.

Ranvir realized with horror that she had booked the room next to her boss.

“You’ve been on vacation with the boss! It’s a big surprise here we are all very shocked at Good Morning Britain, it was a big revelation! Adil teased him.

Laughing, Ranvir said, “I have to clear this up immediately, so I went to the lakes, which were lovely, hundreds of miles away.

“As I drove down this beautiful alley of this very chic hotel, it was very nice, charming. “

The two families had a drink together while kissing their gaff

Ranvir revealed that when she saw Neil, her boss, and saw her, they both gasped in shock.

‘I said hello!’ And I was thinking, ‘Tell me he just left…’ “Ranvir said.

“No, he had just checked in an hour before I arrived, we were both there all week!” “

Adil joked that the holidays had boosted Ranvir’s GMB career

A photo then emerged of Ranvir and his son Tushaan, with boss Neil and his wife, as well as Ranvir’s dog, sitting outside having a drink.

“I’m sorry for Neil, who wants to see one of their employees on vacation !? Said Ranvir, who said Neil’s wife was a “very interesting woman” as they bonded during their trip.

Adil laughed at the way coworkers usually avoided each other in this situation, but they were in the adjoining rooms, making it impossible.

“It was comfortable, it was really comfortable. And my contract negotiations are going really well! Ranvir joked.

“She wasn’t even supposed to be here this morning!” »Laughs Adil.

* Good Morning Britain broadcast weekdays on ITV at 6 a.m.


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