Girl in Taiwan is swept away by a kite


“The city government offers its sincerest apologies to the public and those involved, and we will look into the reasons for preventing this type of accident from happening again, carrying out a thorough examination and holding people to account,” he said. he wrote.

The young girl is not the only toddler to have found herself in a difficult situation in recent days.

Last Monday in Greece, a 3-year-old girl was taken to sea in a winged unicorn inflatable toy before being rescued by a ferry boat captain.

The Taiwan Kite Festival, showcasing larger-than-life designs from around the world, took place on a grassy expanse in a fishing port on the last weekend before the Kindergartens and Kindergartens reopened. other schools for a new year. On Saturday, the Asia Kite Foundation, a Taiwan-based group that helped promote the kite-flying event, urged families to be careful on Sunday when gales were forecast for the afternoon.

Indeed, the winds were strong.

At 4 pm, the children gathered for the deployment of a “candy kite”, officially named “Joy Falls From Heaven”. A compartment attached to the long, bulky orange cloth was filled with candy, and once it was tossed through the air like a flying piñata, the candy was supposed to rain. Footage showed several men struggling to control the long banner as gusts of wind swept over it.


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