Ghislaine Maxwell will not be transferred to the general prison population, prosecutors say


Federal prosecutors said in a court filing Thursday that the Bureau of Prisons has no plans to transfer Ghislaine Maxwell, longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein, to the general population of New York Prison, despite claims by her lawyers that she would be detained “uniquely.” “onerous” conditions.

Lawyers for Maxwell, who is being held without bail pending trial for allegedly recruiting and grooming girls for Epstein for abuse, said she was subject to 24-hour surveillance and extensive testing bodily.

Epstein died by suicide last summer at Manhattan Federal Detention Center while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, and Maxwell’s attorneys say the Bureau of Prisons treats her worse than other inmates as a result.

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Lawyers have demanded that she be given a cell in the general population of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and that she be given long hours to review documents prosecutors have gathered as evidence against her.

Prosecutors responded that “the accused’s argument that she is treated ‘worse’ than other detainees is incorrect” and that detainees are regularly searched and monitored.

“For reasons such as safety, security and the proper functioning of the facility,” they said, Maxwell will not be fully integrated into the “dormitory-style housing of the general population”.

Prosecutors said Maxwell “will be placed in the general population if and when BOP is satisfied that such placement would not pose a threat to the proper functioning of the institution.” “

Prosecutors told the judge that to date they had turned over more than 165,000 pages of discovery to Maxwell, including 150,000 pages last week, “mostly consisting of financial documents.”

Additionally, prosecutors said Maxwell’s request to obtain the names of Victims 1 through 3 in the indictment against her was a “premature, baseless or both” request.

They say Maxwell can request the names as part of motions that can be filed in December, adding that they have included the victims’ months and years of birth in the indictment as part of their latest disclosures.


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