Ghislaine Maxwell: Lawyers for Epstein’s partner ask to suspend publication of sealed documents in civil case after learning of “new critical information”


His lawyers have asked that documents, including depositions, remain sealed for three weeks as they work with prosecutors to see if they can share information with the court.

The file did not provide details of the new information, saying Maxwell’s lawyers are not free to release it as they are subject to a court protection order in the criminal case.

Maxwell’s attorneys began conversations with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York over the weekend in an effort to change the protection order so they could share the information, possibly under seal, to argue for stop disclosure of documents.

In court proceedings last month, Maxwell pleaded not guilty to charges brought by federal prosecutors in New York City for helping recruit, prepare and ultimately sexually abuse minors as young as 14.

The former British socialite – who was arrested in New Hampshire in July – is being held in a New York jail after a federal judge denied her bail and ordered her to keep her until trial, citing a number of reasons it was at risk of fleeing, including its financial resources, international ties and “extraordinary ability to avoid detection”.


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