Ghislaine Maxwell ‘laughed like a schoolgirl’ after alleged sex date with Clooney


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“But she had given George Cooney a blo-b in the bathroom at some random event.” She never gave up on that one.

Jeffrey Epstein, left, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew are pictured in file photos. photo file/Getty Images

Maxwell, 58, was once Epstein’s girlfriend and muse.

She is now locked up in Brooklyn awaiting trial for sex trafficking and perjury.

She has pleaded not guilty and denies any wrongdoing.

It is not known when the alleged meeting with Clooney took place and there was no suggestion that the actor was involved in any wrongdoing.

Roberts’ lawsuit against Maxwell was settled out of court in 2017 and the publishing heiress fought to keep the case sealed, fearing it could mar her next trial, scheduled for 2021.

She described the information about her sexual predilections as “extremely personal”.

Maxwell could potentially face 35 years in prison if convicted.

A woman believed to be Ghislaine Maxwell lies in the sands of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Florida. PALM BEACH STATE LAWYER

Meanwhile, when Epstein signed his infamous deal with Florida prosecutors in 2008 for his child prostitution stop, he went to great lengths to protect Maxwell and other alleged co-conspirators.

At least three co-conspirators have been shielded from charges – and have been named – but according to theMail, the trio are believed to be women who lured and treated underage teens for sex with Epstein and his powerful pals.

Victims were never told of Epstein’s good deal and therefore, as victim Courtney Wild argued, this should nullify any protection for the women who helped the hedge fund heavyweight.

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A court ruled against Wild’s petition in April. On Friday, she got the green light when an appeals court called Epstein’s deal a “national disgrace.”

Wild said in a statement, “I was confident that day would come. We have been fighting for 12 years and as I said before, no matter how many obstacles stack up, we will never give up the fight for what is right. ”

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