German newspaper: France shows how we react to Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman ambitions


German newspaper The world, in his article entitled Dispute with Turkey: battle in the Mediterranean, focuses on France’s role in the eastern Mediterranean region and writes: “France has only one goal, say President Macron’s advisers: to clarify the extremely complicated relations in the region.“They are discussing yesterday’s issues like the Armenian genocide and whether this designation is even allowed. People are curious about Turkey’s role in the civil wars in Libya and Syria. We have not forgotten that the Turks took advantage of the American march of October 2019 to launch a military offensive against the Kurds in northern Syria. And the fact that they are now igniting in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the gates of the European Union, is, to put it casually, on the nerves of the French, ”wrote Die Welt.

The German publication, however, makes a clear mistake: Franco-Turkish hostility did not unleash “at the gates of the European Union”, but exploded within the European Union because it was Turkish ships that violated the maritime space of Greece.

Of course, we expected the Turks to receive support from their German allies, which is exactly why the German newspaper would describe events within the sovereignty of Greece, a member of the European Union, as on the point of asking a question of dispute about who has sovereignty over maritime space.

For the German newspaper, the hostilities of Turkey against Greece and its allies, in particular France, are “less a question of gas” because “the deposits are under the seabed, [where] there are no pipelines for transportation and commercial operation may not be profitable at all. ”

“It’s more about who has the mandate in the Eastern Mediterranean – and how one reacts to Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman ambitions,” said Die Welt, adding that “gas reserves are the fuel of this conflict. “And nationalism is the match.”


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