Georgia School District quarantines more than 900 students and teachers


“It was a terrible idea” to reopen, he said. “The teachers shouldn’t have had to go out and take risks.”

At the end of the first week, Ms Wicker, along with the group of educators, took to Facebook to let her followers know about the number of illnesses and students quarantined: 260 after five days of classes.

“I hope with all of me that no one who is getting sick right now dies,” she wrote, adding, “This was not to happen. It was completely preventable.

School principal Brian V. Hightower, who did not respond to requests for comment for this article, also posted an update. He said the district was being transparent about the situation and defended group photos of high school students unmasked on the first day of school, saying the district learned, “after investigation,” that many of these students regularly wore masks.

“Today is the fifth day of school,” wrote Dr. Hightower, “and this year is a milestone.”

As of Tuesday, the number of students and staff quarantined in the district had more than tripled, to 925, with 59 positive cases. Etowah High School, where nearly 300 people were ordered to self-isolate after at least 14 positive cases, switched to online classes for the remainder of the month. And Dr Hightower called for a more systematic use of masks.

“We know that not all parents believe that the scientific research which indicates that masks are beneficial,” he said, “but I believe so and I consider masks to be an important measure to help us keep them safe. open schools. ”


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