Gemma Collins Shows Off Her Tiny Waist And Fresh Face After Getting Injections


Gemma Collins showed off her dramatic body transformation in a sexy new outfit that hung in all the right places.Girl TOWIE, 39, posed barefoot in her closet to reveal her bodycon figure in a pair of skinny white skinny jeans and a patterned top, which featured cutouts at the shoulders and a flattering print.

Gemma’s platinum blonde hair fell over her shoulders in bouncy waves as she smiled for the camera.

“SMILE is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE,” she urged her fans. ” Have a nice week end! “

Gemma Collins looked fresh and smiley in her sexy new outfit

The reality TV star has found her happiness after a scorching separation from her boyfriend James Argent, which ended in earnest after sending nasty texts calling her a “hippo”.

Since then, Gemma has been doing her best to put the past behind her, despite having a tragic miscarriage during the lockdown.

She revealed earlier this week how she received injections of Profhilo on her face to keep it fresh and glowing, adding that she had the solution containing hyaluronic acid in her hands to keep them wrinkle-free.

The reality girl showed her petite size

Gemma lost three stones after overhauling her diet and fitness

“I can’t tell you how life-changing this is. It just made me look so fresh and I can’t recommend it enough, ”gushed Gemma, giving herself a boost.

She urged her fans to go through the ‘if you want skin like me’ treatment.

“At age 21, your body stops producing natural collagen. It’s only collagen that gets into the skin, it’s not rat poison that gets into the skin, ”she continued.

“The older I get, the younger I’m going to look, I’m going to age myself, and I just want to get the word out to people about how you can do it.” ”

The GC also spoke this week about her attitude towards sex, hinting that she couldn’t have a one-night stand.

Gemma explained on her BBC podcast, “Making love is something I take seriously. If I want to make love to you and give you my body, I expect love, trust and respect. Trust and respect are so important. “

Gemma and Arg went their separate ways this summer after sending nasty texts calling her a ‘hippo’

She also said that she demands full access to her boyfriend’s devices and willingly shared her own passwords because she wanted full trust in a relationship.

“I wish everyone had access to his phones, but you don’t want to sound like a fool demanding access to his phone.”

“I have always given a partner code to my phone, I have nothing to hide. Never. ”

Gemma added, “I don’t believe in cheating, you might as well end the relationship.

“I could never be happy with someone who cheated on me, but I wouldn’t turn around…

“I could never trust them again and trust is so important in a relationship. ”

It comes after reports claiming the last straw for her with Arg was when he suggested opening up their relationship to other people, following news that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were having an open marriage for several years.


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