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GCSE students across England have woken up to their expected grades – for better or for worse.

Some are delighted to have obtained their so-called “center-assessed grades”, while others are unsure of what they mean to them and their future.

It comes after the government discarded an algorithm used to moderate the grades given by teachers following cancellation of exams due to coronavirus.

Sky News spoke to students across the country as they responded to their results.

“If the crazy algorithm had been used, I would have been devastated”

Crwys Fernades, from West London, passed all of his subjects, with the best results in English, Science and Business.

Her predicted grades were what she needed to study her favorite subjects at A level, but had the government decided to stick to its previous system things would have been very different.

She told Sky News: “I feel good about this.

“If the crazy algorithm had been used, I would have been devastated. I would have failed in subjects because it is based on past grades from our school, which were not as good. ”

‘I could have done better’

Muskaan Shabir, from Bristnall Hall Academy in the West Midlands, received an 8, three 7 and three 6.

She told Sky News: “I have mixed feelings. Happy to have Aces and A *. But I still think I could have done better, especially in English literature because I do it at level A. ”

She added, “I’m really glad I got a star of distinction for the sport because I’m a basketball enthusiast and I really enjoyed doing it.

“I continue to do A-levels in law, psychology and English literature. Then on a law degree and hopefully at the bar. ”

‘We always felt forgotten’

Ellie Kidd

Ellie Kidd is a BTEC student from Wales.

She, along with thousands of others, found out last night that her results wouldn’t be ready today.

BTECs are assessed using an algorithm, but review boards yesterday said they needed more time.

Ellie told Sky News: “I was watching the evening news last night and found out that I wasn’t getting it.

“I have friends who missed places in some universities and now have to postpone for a year.

“For that to happen last night, it was mismanaged. It could have been done a few weeks ago or even last week.

“I just think it turned into a huge mess. We have always felt forgotten.

“My grades faithfully reflect what I would have done”

David Bordicott, West Midlands

David Bordicott, who attends Bristnall Hall Academy, received a 9, six 8, a 7 and a 5.

He told Sky News he was “more relaxed than in the preparation”.

“I’m really happy with a 9 in IT. I can go on now and do whatever I want, which is study game design in college. I register this afternoon!

“My grades are a reflection of what I would have done. I’m really happy with mostly eight in all areas – really nice. ”

“Still a little shocked – but generally happy”

Pavot Grieve

Poppy Grieve of Richmond Park Academy in South West London scored 11 9 – the highest marks in the new system.

She told Sky News it was “weird not to take exams” but “everything went well in the end”.

“I’m still a little shocked with the result, but I’m just happy overall,” she said.

“I think it was a pretty confusing time because it was pretty high up in the air and we didn’t know what was going to happen with the results.

“It has been a very unusual year with the whole coronavirus problem, but I guess it turned out well in the end.

“It’s quite strange not taking exams, you might feel like ‘I don’t know if this is how I would have passed a real exam’ but I trust the teachers to give marks. predicted that are correct. It’s strange but I think that works. ”

“The person who gave us our notes was someone who knows us”

Harshrdha Mutyala

Harshrdha Mutyala, another Richmond Park Academy student, got eight 9s and two 7s.

She said: “I’m pretty happy with this. I feel pretty relieved because the last few days have been pretty scary with all the changes and everything, so getting out of the way is really nice.

“I was really stressed and tried to keep myself very busy. When we found out that we were going to get the grades expected by the teachers, I think we were all very happy.

“To think that someone who doesn’t really know us is giving us our grades was really weird, so someone who knows us and has been with us for years obviously knows us better, so that’s very nice. ”

“I saw some of the horrors of some of the A-level stories”

Taha Mehmood

Taha Mehmood received two 9s, five 8s and three 7s.

He said, “I feel pretty happy and I love the stress relief that has built up over the past few weeks. But yes, I am very happy at the moment.

“The last few days have been pretty bad because I’ve seen some of the horrors of some of the A-level stories and I’m just wondering if that could happen to me.

“It was a bad place, a lot of uncertainty. It was a very difficult year, having fewer teaching hours, not being able to complete the program… it made us feel quite at a disadvantage but I think with these results we did well. ”

“I expected a sort of government slippage”

Felix Ottram

The pupil Felix Ottram received all 9 and 7 and feels “good”.

He said: “After all the news, I wasn’t expecting this. I expected some kind of government slippage and teacher slippage, but they were all excellent.

” I can not complain. I stayed busy trying not to think about things. Obviously, there has been a lot of speculation on my part. Will I get it? Won’t I do it? Am I going to enter the college of my choice? ” It’s good. ”

‘I never thought I would do that well’

Juan Bonanomi

Juan Bonanomi received two 9s, two 6s and the rest 8.

He told Sky News: “I am very happy. I never thought I would do this right. It’s just surprising. All the ups and downs made me check for news every five minutes, check for updates, hit refresh.

“See what’s going on with the government, the education ministry and it managed to do me some good in the end, so I’m very happy. Now I can leave everything behind and focus on my A levels. “


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