Garth Davis Top Choice to Direct ‘Tron’ Sequel with Jared Leto at Disney – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: After taking his time figuring out where he wants the next one Tron Upcoming episode, Disney’s sci-fi franchise looks to be getting a new lease of life as we hear that Garth Davis has been hired to helm the photo with Jared Leto.Davis has been best known for his little house art films over the years, like the ones in 2018 Marie-Madeleine and its critically acclaimed 2016 drama Lion, which received six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Tron would mark Davis’ first pole, and while he’s not known for his big-budget projects, insiders say Davis actively pursued the work, ultimately winning over the executives.

Jesse Wigutow wrote the most recent version of the screenplay. Leto produces with Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook.

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Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund in “Tron: Legacy” in 2010
Douglas Curran / © Disney Enterprises

The original 1982 film starring Jeff Bridges was placed in the computer program called Grid, where a hacker is kidnapped and forced to participate in gladiatorial games. The film was not a success and received mixed reviews, although its special effects were considered changeable at the time. The cult that followed the film in the years to come as it played on cable only increased its popularity, to the point that Disney decided to go ahead with a sequel, Tron legacy, in 2010, with Bridges reprising his role and Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde joining the franchise.

This film continued to be a box office hit, grossing $ 400 million worldwide, but despite everything, plans for a sequel were pushed forward as Disney figured out how to move the story forward. The studio ultimately ditched plans for a direct sequel to Tron legacy, and even after Leto bonded in 2017 and took his time figuring out the next steps for this project.

Davis coming on the project signals that the next episode can finally take place, but insiders still point out that a green light has not been given. The film is still in development, but Davis’ involvement is a push in the right direction for the future of the franchise.

Davis is replaced by UTA.


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