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Tennocon 2020 introduced the upcoming Heart of Deimos update and other concepts in Warframe.

As Digital Extremes wraps up with their fifth Tennocon from their home, the hype is anything but subsiding. It might not be as grand, interactive, and fan-focused as it did in previous years with the game set-ups and intricacies of an in-person convention. It’s more about delivering something “from the heart”.

As COVID-19 essentially brought the world and many operations to a halt, the folks at Digital Extremes had to be content with the fact that they couldn’t use their studio for the more ambitious projects they were working on. Over time, we’ve gotten new updates on the status of previously mentioned expansions like The New War and Duviri Paradox, but it’s best to put this on hold until the world gets back to normal. We don’t want another Railjack fiasco on launch day.

The event consisted of five events, ranging from the art panel, the community art exhibit, a sound design panel, an interactive trivia segment, the TennoLive digital presentation and a interview after the Summer Game Fest show with Geoff Keighley.

While there hasn’t been a physical convention to attend, Digital Extremes has adapted well in trying to incorporate fan interaction through the art shows and community trivia segment. While the art is constantly submitted and featured in every Home Time and Prime Time feed, it showed more than fan art. Fans submitted theirs Warframeinspired musical creations, props and cosplay costumes. This segment was co-hosted by Miabyte.

Then there was the Tenno Trivia segment which was such a fun and fast paced live and interactive game. It was played like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but with over 200,000 contestants and prizes up for grabs all around. Hopefully, this becomes a staple for future Tennocons for people who can’t attend. It’s fun to watch the Twitch chat rush to find answers. I scored in 1916th place so I couldn’t quite get the biggest awards but it was still an experience!


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