French restrictions on UK arrivals soon to be expected


The minister, Clément Beaune was interviewed in an interview with France 2 to say whether travelers from the UK will face a reciprocal quarantine, after the UK imposed a 14-day quarantine on visitors from France on August 15, with just 24 hours’ notice.He did not answer the question directly, but said: “There will be, for travelers coming to France from the UK, without a doubt, restrictions, which will be decided in the coming days by the Prime Minister. and the defense council. [this represents the health and other key ministeries], he has answered.

He said reciprocal measures were needed to ensure that border restrictions were not imposed unilaterally.

He also denounced the British government as being uncooperative with France and other countries like the Netherlands, in the way the new quarantine has been imposed.

Measures led by France and Germany are being taken to establish a common European platform to coordinate responses to local outbreaks of Covid-19, the minister said.

“We don’t have the same data and the same assessments,” he said.

“There is no European center that says the risk is high in this place or this department, etc.”

He said France and Germany have decided to move forward after last week’s meeting between President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel with a common platform urgently.


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