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International Cat Day is marked by animal fans around the world. No one loved his furry fans more than Freddie, who has welcomed rescue cats throughout his career. He called the tour house to talk to them and made sure they were lavishly cared for in his will. He wore his favorite cat vest (made by his friend Donald MacKenzie) in his latest Queen video, This are The Days Of Our Lives. He even wrote a song for his favorite feline, although many believed the song was about a woman.

Freddie’s partner Jim Hutton recalled in Freddie And Me memoir the special place cats had in the star’s heart.He wrote: “Freddie treated cats like his own children. He was constantly making fuss for them, and if one of them got in the way while Freddie was away, Heaven would help us.

“During the day the cats took care of the house and the grounds, and at night one of us would round them up and take them inside.

Jim took the last known photos of Freddie, days before his death, in his backyard – one of the cats, of course, by his side.

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Freddie’s longtime girlfriend Mary Austin bought them the first pair of cats in the early 1970s.

Tom and Jerry have been followed over the years by Tiffany, Dorothy, Delilah, Goliath, Lily, Miko, Oscar et Romeo.

The cats would receive their own stockings on Christmas and when Freddie was on tour he would call home and Mary or her personal assistant Peter Freestone would hold the cats in front of the receiver.

Just as amazing as the way he spoiled the cats was the way he found them in the first place.

The Innuendo album includes a song written about the cat and named in his honor.

Delilah’s lyrics include the classic lines ” when you throw a sullen you are all claws and you bite, “and”you drive me a little crazy, when you urinate all over my Chippendale suite. ”

Smith said of the cat: ” She was a real character, that lady… She was a bit of a bully to others, but was always the first on her knees, the first for food. ”

Hutton described Delilah as: “ the little princess of their house, the one he picked up and stroked most often. ”



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