Frankie Edgar: ‘At 38, I Don’t Want To Hear From Anyone’ After UFC Win over ESPN 15


Frankie Edgar, the newly formed UFC lightweight and bantamweight champion, is on top of the world after beating Pedro Munhoz at UFC on ESPN 15, and one of the main reasons for that is to silence his skeptics.

Despite wearing a “Jersey Shore pimp limp” thanks to Munhoz’s kicks, Edgar said his performance proved he was still a viable contender.

“I’ve heard a lot of MFers barking that I’m old, I’m slow,” Edgar told UFC commentators after his split decision victory, which took place at UFC APEX in Las Vegas on Saturday. “I definitely proved them wrong. I still got some fight in this tank, baby, and we’re gonna run to [bantamweight]. »

Edgar has now won fights in three different weight classes. Early in his UFC career, he dominated the competition at 155 pounds. During his reign he rejected calls to come down in weight, but then fell to featherweight, where he tried three times to win the title. After his last title loss at 145 and a stoppage loss on short notice, he finally implemented a plan to switch to bantamweight.

Over five rounds, Edgar maintained a high pace and dodged most of Munhoz’s powerful punches. According to official UFC stats, Munhoz led all-around and big strikes, connecting 47% to Edgar’s 37% (unusually, the two different metrics had the same value). Edgar was credited with two teardowns, although Munhoz never spent a long time on the canvas.

Edgar was rushed to hospital immediately after the fight, UFC President Dana White reported after taking dozens of kicks from Munhoz. Edgar was limping after the fight.

The damage didn’t diminish Edgar’s enthusiasm for his new weight class.

“On the contrary, better than me at other weights,” he said. “I was not carrying any weight.”

Munhoz suffered his second straight setback following a decision loss to current No.1 Aljamain Sterling. As the No.5 fighter in the promotion’s bantamweight rankings, Munhoz could give way to Edgar, who currently holds eighth place on the featherweight list.

The former lightweight champion has said he is aiming for nothing less than gold in his final weight class.

“I had wet feet,” Edgar said. “I think the sky is the limit for me. I don’t seem slow in this. Pedro is a top notch dog, and that makes me a top dog. [Tom’s River, N.J.], baby. TR. We are back! “

Check out Edgar’s full interview.


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