France will not ratify Hong Kong extradition agreement


PARIS – France decided not to ratify an extradition agreement with Hong Kong after the Chinese central government in Beijing imposed a new national security law on the city. The spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry said Monday in a written statement that “in light of the latest developments, France will not proceed with the ratification” of the 2017 extradition agreement with Hong Kong “in the ‘state”.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States suspended their extradition treaties with Hong Kong last month over fears that the Chinese central government would undermine freedoms and rights. local city self-government.

Germany took a similar move last week following the disqualification of 12 pro-democracy candidates from Hong Kong’s parliamentary elections and the subsequent decision to postpone the vote for a year.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam cited a worsening of the coronavirus epidemic in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory to delay the elections.

China says the new security law is necessary to fight terrorism and separatism and to prevent Hong Kong from becoming a base to undermine the power of the Chinese state.

Hong Kong, a former British colony, was brought back under Chinese control in 1997.


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