France waives access fees to monitoring for 2020


French Prime Minister Jean Castex said France would waive track access charges for the rest of 2020 and cut them in half for the whole of 2021, a move hailed by the European Rail Freight Association ( ERFA).

The French announcement follows a June proposal from the European Commission to allow the removal or reduction of track access charges as a measure to help the rail industry recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Both passenger and freight transport companies have experienced a huge drop in demand, which has impacted the viability of running services.

ERFA now strongly supports the adoption of the EC regulation by both Parliament and Council. Jean Castex’s announcement, ERFA said, showed that member states are serious about taking advantage of the freedoms granted by the EC proposal. The proposal allocates significant funding to ensure that infrastructure managers also remain properly funded and that infrastructure works can continue undisturbed.


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