France-UK quarantine fears increase with Covid cases


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has fueled speculation that France could be added to the UK’s quarantine list after saying he “would not hesitate” to impose restrictions on more countries.Travel expert Paul Charles, CEO and founder of tourism consultancy PC Agency, is cited by mainstream UK media as being aware of the UK government’s quarantine decisions. He told Connexion that France, where coronavirus cases are rising sharply, is on a “cliff” and on the verge of falling into the quarantine category.

He said if a decision is made it should be expected Thursday, as this is the day the government typically reviews its policies overseas regarding Covid-19 and decides whether new quarantine regulations should be imposed or extended. to more countries. However, he said the government could make an announcement earlier and at any time.

Government officials told him, he said, that the key figures the UK is examining are the number of cases per 100,000 in a country, recorded by an EU body, the European Prevention Center. and disease control (ECDC).

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“Any figure above 20 per 100,000 for a seven-day period is a source of alarm for the government and is unlikely to happen in France in the next two days.”

The latest ECDC figures given for a 14-day period on August 10 are 26 per 100,000 for France.

Other countries with numbers over 20 that are currently exempt from quarantine are Malta (58.6), the Netherlands (32.5) and Poland (23).

Mr Charles suggested that these three countries could also be added to the quarantine list soon.

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He also believes Switzerland could be added, although ECDC figures are not available, as it is not part of the EU. Visitors from countries like Sweden (32.5) and Romania (87.4) must already be quarantined.

The current figure for the UK is 16.5 per 100,000 population.

The latest figures from the French public health authority for new cases of Covid-19 were 785 yesterday, up from 2,288 on Friday, but Mr Charles said it was likely because fewer cases are recorded over the weekend -end and we’ll have to wait until later to get a true picture. of what is happening in France.

“Give the British government its due,” he said. “They acted quickly on Spain when there were only a few areas affected by an upsurge in cases and now the country has up to 75.8 cases out of 100,000.

“Right now there are only a few areas in France where cases are high, but the UK is probably worried that France will follow the same pattern as Spain. France is on the edge of the cliff when it comes to a British decision. ”

He is confident the government is listening to the concerns of the travel industry and will give 30 hours’ notice if the quarantine is imposed. This would mean travelers would have until Saturday to return to the UK if the announcement was made on Thursday.

If quarantine of France is necessary, it is likely to be added to the list of countries where Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth advise against all but essential travel. In these cases, the UK government warns many travel insurance policies would be invalid, and advised travelers to check the wording of the policy, if they are booking travel.

Mr Charles said he believed quarantine was ineffective and inoperable and the answer was to introduce systematic testing at airports and ferry ports. He also said that a 14-day quarantine period is too long and unprofitable: “It is too much to ask people to be out of action during this time when families need to get children back to school. and parents at work.

“I think if there is quarantine it should last five or eight days with testing. I think the government is listening and may reduce the time required in the near future.

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