France to reimpose quarantine on Britons within days of UK restrictions


France is on the verge of reimposing a 14-day quarantine on Britosn arriving in the country in a few days, thus eliminating any cross-Channel leisure or business travel.The move will mean anyone arriving in France will have to self-isolate for likely 14 days before being required to spend an additional 14 days in quarantine if they then return to the UK.

“We will have a measure called reciprocity so that our British friends do not close the border in one way,” said French Minister of European Affairs Clément Beaune.

“For travelers returning from the UK, there will likely be restrictive measures decided in the coming days by the Prime Minister and the Defense Council. ”

The move follows Britain’s reimposition of quarantine on arrivals from France on August 15, sparking an exodus of thousands of 300,000 vacationers in France as they sought to exceed the 4 a.m. deadline after which they should isolate themselves.

It came as a group of 80 MPs were writing to Boris Johnson urging him to end the quarantine and introduce testing at airports to move business forward.

MPs, including 40 Tories, have warned Britain risks being left behind as more than 30 countries, including major competitors like Germany, have already introduced tests to free up business travel and of leisure activities outside the quarantine of “red list” countries.

In a report outlining a ten-point plan to revive the travel industry, MPs said it was “imperative” for the government to introduce testing as soon as possible so that passengers from high-risk countries tested negative. be released from quarantine promptly.

“Without testing we risk not only limiting leisure travel, but also undermining our aspirations for a truly global Britain,” said the Future of Aviation Group, which includes Graham Brady, chairman of the influential Tory committee. 1922, its founder Henry Smith and Paul Maynard, former minister of aviation.

“With many of our current and future business partners currently under 14-day quarantine, we are sending precisely the wrong message at the wrong time.

“We know that many in the industry have been pushing for testing for a considerable time, with Heathrow Airport awaiting government approval to start a trial, which could start as soon as the end of the month.”

Ministers are due later this month to consider options that include tests on arrival in the UK and a second five or eight days later, allowing holidaymakers and business travelers to shorten their quarantine time at the United Kingdom.

The report from the Future of Aviation group, which was also sent to Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, also called for regional corridors to low-risk islands like the Balearic and Canary Islands which are part of quarantined Spain. .

Two million Britons flew to the islands last August, while the report also cited the United States as an example where the “restrictive” quarantine policy could hurt relations with a key trading partner.

The report also called for an extension of the leave until March 2021, when research suggests up to 780,000 jobs in the sector are at risk.

He urged the government to consider a temporary suspension of air passenger rights, which researchers say could save 45% of air routes that would otherwise be lost by cutting the most expensive flights by up to £ 500.

And he called for a 12-month postponement of business tariffs at airports in England, similar to moves to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, noting they had paid 70million. pounds sterling between March and June when the number of domestic passengers fell 97%. .


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