France switches to “group A” with a 14-day self-isolation requirement


Since Guernsey reintroduced the categorization of countries based on their Covid-19 infection rates, officials have said changes could be made at any time and on short notice.Today, France has moved from the Group B watchlist to Group A, which means anyone returning from anywhere in France must enter a mandatory 14-day isolation period.

Djibouti has moved from Group A to Group B, meaning travelers returning to Guernsey from there have two options: self-isolate for 14 days or self-isolate for seven days with a Covid test on the seventh day. . If the test result is negative, they must enter a seven-day period of “passive surveillance”, which means that contact with others must be further reduced.

Azerbaijan was taken off the Group B watch list, but Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Switzerland have moved on, joining French Polynesia, Guyana and Iceland.

Countries on the Group B Watchlist are likely to move to Group A at an extremely short time, and anyone planning a trip should review this list and carefully consider any travel to the countries on it.

Group C consists only of countries with an agreed airlift to Guernsey, currently only the Isle of Man.


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