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France has suspended the use of glue traps to hunt birds until the end of this year, without banning the controversial practice that environmentalists call “cruel and odious”.

Hunters in France are allocated a quota of the number of birds that can be killed using glue traps, which President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday to have been set to zero for this year, against 42,000 in 2019.

Environmentalists have long rallied to this practice, which has been banned for years under European Union regulations.

In July, the European Commission gave France three months to consider its position on glue trapping, failing to see a case brought before the European Court of Justice.

France is the only country to still allow the use of glue trapping, which, according to the European Commission, does not comply with the Birds Directive of 2009 aimed at protecting the more than 500 species of wild birds present in the EU.

The Commission said in the warning: “France has authorized several methods of catching birds, such as glue for thrushes, nets and traps for skylark and pigeons, which are not selective and are prohibited by the directive. “

Campaigners welcomed the suspension, but were disappointed that an outright ban was not implemented.

“It’s a good result, because until now, every year an exception has been made to allow hunting. But they do not prohibit the practice, only suspend it ”, declared Yves Verilhac, president of the France Association for the Protection of Birds.

The association says glue trapping is a “cruel and odious” practice of a bygone era and that France should join other EU countries in banning it altogether.

The suspension was announced after Mr Macron and Barbara Pompili, the French ecology minister, met with the president of the hunting federation Willy Schraen, who criticized the decision.

Mr Schraen said the suspension was purely political and argued that no protected species were caught in glue traps.

However, Ms. Pompili noted that glue traps are “non-selective,” meaning hunters cannot choose which birds are caught.

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