France reports 7,379 daily cases in new post-lockout record | World news


Secondary schools in local containment zones England may have to use a “rotation system” to limit the number of teenagers attending at any time, with teachers and students required to wear face masks in common areas, according to new government guidelines.The phased approach will limit the number of people students come in contact with and help break chains of transmission by leaving enough time at home for symptoms to become apparent, the education ministry said.

The guidelines, released on Friday ahead of schools in England reopening for the autumn term next week, said schools should base their plans on a four-tier system and additional measures for secondary schools should be introduced in the second. level.

He said, “Schools should ideally operate on a rotation system which means that students spend two weeks on site, followed by two weeks at home.

“This leaves more time than enough time for symptoms to manifest and for students to self-isolate and avoid passing the virus on to others.

“However, schools can choose to organize a one-week placement (so five days on site, followed by nine days at home) if this is necessary for the effective delivery of the program. “


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