France prepares for traffic jams on a “crossover” day for holidaymakers


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                Le service français de surveillance du trafic, Bison Futé, a exhorté les conducteurs à faire très attention sur les routes en raison de la canicule actuelle, car ceux qui partent en vacances se croisent avec ceux qui reviennent dans ce qui devrait être l'un des jours de voyage les plus chargés de l'année.

Les nerfs de milliers de vacanciers risquent d'être mis à rude épreuve ce samedi au milieu des avertissements de gros embouteillages aggravés par une vague de chaleur.

The French traffic warning service Bison Futé today called it “black”, which means that conditions on French roads will be “extremely difficult”.

Driving on the first weekend of August is usually difficult as it’s the crossroads between July vacationers returning home and those leaving in August to hit the roads.

Bison Futé urged holidaymakers to “avoid driving during rush hour (between noon and 4 p.m.)” as the country struggles to cool off after scorching temperatures.

Traffic jams, high temperatures

Six departments of the Rhône-Alpes region in the south of France, where the roads are particularly busy, were placed under orange alert on Thursday.

“Temperatures are expected to remain high throughout Saturday and Sunday, before subsiding,” the traffic department said.

The traditional advice is to leave early before noon to avoid getting stuck in a jam and to beat the heat.

Motorways that could be a problem for drivers are the A6, A7, A40, A43 and A62.

Bison Futé advises vacationers to delay their trips until Sunday if possible, when the roads should be clearer and the thermometer likely to be lower.



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