France imposes masks at work | The Canberra Times


news worldMasks must become mandatory in almost all workplaces in France, the Ministry of Labor has announced. The policy affects all areas where employees could potentially come into contact, such as meeting rooms, open spaces, hallways, locker rooms or common workspaces, the government said. Individual offices where only one employee works are exempt. In view of the increase in coronavirus cases, the health of workers as well as the continuation of economic activity are at stake, said Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne. The ministry also recommended working from home to reduce the risk of infection and limit the use of public transport. Local media reported that the policy would go into effect on September 1. Previously, the Ministry of Labor recommended wearing a mask only in workspaces where the minimum social distance could not be met. France’s health ministry on Tuesday reported 2,238 new confirmed coronavirus infections, less than recent daily highs but still at levels last seen during the March-May lockdown imposed to stem the spread of the disease. As the number of reported cases typically drops sharply on Monday due to a lag in weekend test results, the ministry had only reported 493 new cases, after more than 3,000 each on Sunday and Saturday and more than 2,500 per day from Wednesday to last Friday. The seven-day moving average of the case tally, which smooths out daily reporting irregularities, is now above 2,000 for five consecutive days, a level that was last recorded around mid-April. The number of coronavirus-related deaths increased by 22 to 30,451, after an increase of 19 on Monday and just 1 on Sunday. Australian Associated Press


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