France grants more aid as the wine sector faces “great difficulties”


France has already provided some support, but the wine industry has called for more action.

In May, France released a crisis mechanism of 140 million euros (165.87 million dollars) to distill surplus wine into industrial alcohol intended to produce hand sanitizers.

Then in June, the government unveiled an additional 30 million euros in support of the wine industry, including 15 million for the launch of a private storage device for two million hectoliters of surplus wine, an alternative to distillation. .

Besides the impact of COVID-19, the French wine industry has suffered from US tariffs on imports imposed as part of the trade dispute between the European Union and the United States over aircraft subsidies.

In April, the European Commission decided to support crisis management measures in wine and other agricultural sectors affected by the coronavirus crisis.

(Report by Dominique Vidalon, edited by Louise Heavens, Jane Merriman and Barbara Lewis)


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