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Generation Frexit, drawing inspiration from both Vote Leave leader Mr Cummings and Brexit Party leader Mr Farage, was launched in France in an attempt to replicate Britain’s departure from the bloc “toxic” policy. Charles-Henri Gallois mingled with the continent’s most inspiring Eurosceptics to replicate the success of the British referendum on the EU in 2016. After meeting the leaders of the Brexit Party, he decided to form a new movement with the motto ” Take back control ”, which loosely translates to“ Take back control ”.

The campaign logo is the same light blue that was adopted by Mr Farage’s Brexit party ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections.Mr Gallois told ‘For me the UK Brexit campaign has been incredible and a war for European nations to take back control.

“Our inspiration is the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, because we know that this movement, even against all odds, transformed the referendum.

“What we want to do is help the French get a referendum on our country’s membership of the European Union – and advocate for Frexit in this referendum.”

Mr Gallois predicted that the EU’s 750 billion euro rescue from the coronavirus could finally help convince French voters that the Brussels project is no longer a club worthy of participating.

He said Spain and Italy are expected to be massive winners from the stimulus fund while Paris is forced to pour huge sums into EU coffers.

He added: “The COVID-19 crisis shows us that the European Union is toxic.

“You talk about France’s recovery fund, but we are paying to maintain the European Union and the euro.

“Emmanuel Macron defended a European ideology which impoverishes the French and which will continue with this agreement on the euro, which is a nightmare.”

The Generation Frexit movement is working for the French presidential election of 2022.

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Former MEP Alexandra Phillips said: “All over Europe, parties and movements explicitly calling to leave the EU are popping up in the wake of Brexit. No longer tolerating broken promises of looser relations with Brussels from lazy leaders, our continental cousins ​​want action and want it now, and are ready to set up their own vehicles to do so, breaking with establishment politics, just like we did in the Brexit Party.

“These are real grassroots movements and I say ‘Vive La Révolution!’ I know Charles-Henri very well, he is an incredibly driven, intelligent and inspiring man destined for big things and I look forward to joining him on the election track with other Brexit Party freedom fighters.

“Hopefully democracy will be the next thing to spread across Europe, freeing our wonderful neighbors in France and a whole host of other nations, to take back control of their own destiny as well!”


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