France boss Deschamps reveals the reasons for choosing Aouar, Camvinga and Upamecano


The trio of African descent were called for the first time in the Le Bleu team

France manager Didier Deschamps explained why he chose Houssem Aouar, Eduardo Camavinga and Dayot Upamecano before The Blues UEFA Nations League ties against Sweden and Croatia.The descent trio from Algeria, Angola and Guinea-Bissau respectively played in their respective clubs.

Aouar was still there for Olympique Lyon as they reached the Champions League semi-finals, seeing Juventus and Manchester City along the way and the 22-year-old’s technical abilities were too good for Deschamps to fail. not notice it.

“The [Aouar] has technical skills, he is able to score goals. He brought more continuity to his performances, ”Deschamps said during a press briefing.

“He’s still a young player. We had followed him for a long time. I speak often [France Under-21 manager Sylvain] Ripoll, he gives me more information.

« [Aouar] is rather versatile, it is an attacking midfielder who can be axial. It is more effective in the offensive phase, in the use of the ball. He has a lot of interesting things. ”

Camavinga is a 17-year-old plying his trade for Rennes and has been linked with a move to Real Madrid. He played 36 times last season, with the Reds and Blacks finishing third in Ligue 1 and qualifying for the Champions League for the first time.

He came as a replacement for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba who had tested positive for coronavirus and Deschamps was impressed with what Camavinga accomplished at such a young age.

“I know his [Camavinga’s] trainer well. It could happen sooner, but sooner or later it would have come, ”continued Deschamps.

“In terms of personality, it shows when he’s on the pitch. He has an influence despite his young age. He’s able to do things at his age. We will have to be vigilant, but he has a potential that will sooner or later become an integral part of this team. It’s a pleasure to have him with us at this gathering.

Upamecano, meanwhile, was at the heart of RB Leipzig’s defense with his strong performances that saw them reach the Champions League semi-finals and finish third in the Bundesliga, qualifying for the first competition of clubs in Europe for the third consecutive season.

” It is [Upamecano] a player we have followed for a long time. He is one of the players likely to come, ”said Deschamps.

“He is very athletic, he goes fast, good in duels. The ball is not a problem for him, although he must be careful not to abuse it too much at times. He is young, I felt it was time to prepare him. It is up to him to maintain this level. He still has a good margin of progress. ”


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