France Angers Parisiens with controversial new legislation


France announced a ban on heated terraces for cafes and bars, infuriating some Parisians in the process.

The ban comes amid a wide range of measures to protect the environment, with French Ecology Minister Barbara Pompili calling outdoor heating an “ecological aberration.”

The ban is expected to come into force after winter, to give the French hotel sector time to adapt.

Therefore, “all heated or air-conditioned buildings open to the public must also keep their doors closed to avoid wasting energy”, BBC reports.

Some French cities had already banned outdoor heaters. In Paris, however, where more than 75% of restaurants and cafes have a heated terrace, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo previously refused to make the change, saying it would hurt business.

If the English speakers of Twitter widely applauded the ban, many Parisians criticized it. According to a “Parisienne Urbaine Raconteuse”, the ban shows a government disconnected from the reality of the French people.

Another wrote, “Another gimmick from environmentalists who want to kill the Parisian economy. “

Others stressed the practical impossibility of other methods of keeping warm, especially in times of crisis (“would you share a blanket in times of coronavirus?”)…

… And asked if it was necessary to destroy “everything on which the French economy is based”.

Another protested against the simple restriction of freedom: “The forthcoming ban on outdoor heating of terraces is both a serious and grotesque mistake… It is forbidden to ban.

On the other side of the coin, many supported the ban, urging smokers and cafe patrons to “put on a sweater”.

This isn’t the first standard change of 2020, and as many other capitals around the world are reconsidering what they want their inner cities to look like after COVID, it likely won’t be the last.

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