France: 16 countries at high risk of coronavirus with a mandatory test on arrival –


Travelers from countries where the infection rate is deemed to be high will be subject to mandatory testing upon arrival at French airports and seaports, Castex told reporters during a visit to Charles International Airport. de-Gaulle, north of Paris.The tests will apply to “French citizens residing in these countries or to citizens of these countries having a residence established in France“Who will be the only ones allowed to enter,” added the Prime Minister.

France does not allow general travel to and from these countries, which includes the United States and Brazil.

Travelers who test positive will need to spend 14 days in isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

Castex said some of the high-risk countries already require airline passengers to test negative for viruses before boarding. It was not clear whether they would be retested upon arrival in France.

He also did not say whether people should wait for their test results before being allowed to leave the airport.

Besides the United States and Brazil, which report tens of thousands of new cases every day, countries include Algeria, Bahrain, Israel, India, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Panama, Peru, Serbia. , Turkey and Madagascar.

Morocco, which has reported an increase in cases in recent weeks, is not on the list at the moment but could be added later, an official in the prime minister’s office said.

Coronavirus the tests will be deployed on France by Aug. 1, and will also be carried out at French ports, Castex said.

The new measures come as the infection rate accelerates again in France more than two months after the country’s gradual exit from lockdown.

On Friday, the health ministry said the number of confirmed cases had increased by 1,130 in 24 hours. It was the second day in a row that new cases exceeded 1,000.

The ministry, in a statement, said the numbers showed the need for people not to let their guard down while the virus continues to circulate.

“We have reversed much of the progress made in the first few weeks of emerging from the lockdown,” the ministry said, citing reports that some people who test positive for the virus are failing to self-isolate.

Catalonia travel warning

French authorities are also concerned about a spike in infections in neighboring Catalonia, with Castex warning French citizens on Friday not to travel to the Spanish region.

“Regarding the situation in Catatonia, which shows indicators of aggravated infection, we strongly encourage French citizens to avoid going there until the health situation improves,” Castex said.

Regional authorities across Spain have introduced coronavirus On Thursday, the restrictions were aimed at stemming a surge in infections. France said last weekend that he had not ruled out the closure of the border between the two countries.

In Catalonia, nearly 8,000 cases have been diagnosed within 14 days until Thursday – almost half of the 16,410 detected across the country – despite guidelines for residents of the regional capital of Barcelona to stay at home.

Castex also said that Paris was in talks with the government in Madrid to limit the flow of traffic from Spain to France as much as possible./France 24


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