Fox plans to start over after original New Mutants cut


Report: Fox plans to start over after original New Mutants cut

With theaters reopening in parts of the country tonight, moviegoers undeterred by the COVID-19 outbreak will finally be able to see The new mutants, the X Men branching plagued by a series of delays over the past two years. Director Josh Boone previously blamed 20th Century Fox’s merger with Disney for the long wait. But it turns out things are a bit more complicated than that. Vulture has released a new feature length film detailing the film’s bumpy road that is about to end in shambles amid a global pandemic.

The new mutants“The journey from concept to screen started quite simply. Boone and co-writer Knate Lee presented Fox with a film that combined a “teenage horror flick with a John Hughes sensibility.” It would also come with a cheaper price than any other X Men film, so the studio shed some light on the project. However, it wasn’t long before Fox began to challenge certain aspects of the couple’s script. One draft actually included Storm as the “sadistic jailer” of the young mutants in the mysterious establishment that held them captive. But that idea was eventually dropped because Storm was a hero in the past. X Men installments. Plus, there was the issue of Boone and Lee’s “foul humor”.

“Punk-rock-y, rebellious teens are already baked in the X MenA source close to the film said. “But here, one of the characters was a misogynist and was scratching his penis on stuff. There were head scratchers. As, It won’t work. »

During The new mutants‘pre-production stage, Fox began bringing in other writers to revise the script, including Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes (Conspiracy), Joshua Zetumer (2014 RoboCop) et Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). By the time the main photography ended in 2017, the studio was starting to doubt The new mutants“viability. In fact, the studio has reportedly even discussed “throwing in the entire movie and ‘starting over’” from scratch. Because the budget was so small, it wasn’t considered a big deal. A “senior Fox executive” reportedly said, “You could throw the film away, start over, and it would still be the cheapest. X Men movie so far. ”

The new mutants opens for wide circulation tomorrow, August 28.

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