Fox News voices on MSNBC praise Joe Biden’s acceptance speech


He started out on the stage in the shadows. Then he stepped into the light.

The staging matched his words. Joe Biden said – promised, in essence – that “the end of this chapter of American darkness has begun here tonight as love, hope and light join the battle for the soul of the nation. “. He has used the word “hope” ten times. “Light” eleven times. “Fear” only five times.

Then he and his wife Jill stepped out for a late night fireworks show – literally cutting the darkness out of Wilmington night…

Oliver Darcy writes: “Arguably the most striking line in Biden’s speech was when he promised to be ‘an ally of the light, not the darkness.’ We should not lose sight of how extraordinary it was that a not-so-subtle theme in the speech of a presidential candidate accepting the nomination was that the election was about good versus evil. Not on politics. Not even on the style of government. But good against evil … “

A reminder on media consumption

Oliver Darcy writes: “While many readers of this newsletter have probably invested time watching the various DNC speeches in their entirety, it should be emphasized: most Americans have not. are part of a political agenda. They will see clips being broadcast via hyper-partisan media, commentators and political agents… It is important to keep this in mind at all times… ”

Dissonance cognitive?

I wondered as I looked at Biden’s out-of-the-box address: is any of Fox’s viewers who have been told, over and over again, that Biden is just a reel of human blooper… a man who can’t string together a full sentence… was either of them surprised by their passionate and articulate acceptance speech?

Bret Baier from Fox just after: It was “the best he has ever been, when it comes to giving birth.” Chris Wallace: “It was an extremely effective speech. Remember Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden being mentally shot, a left-wing captive, and yes Biden was reading from a teleprompter and a prepared speech, but I thought he made a hole – a big hole – in this characterization. “

Instant reactions

– Philip Bump of WaPo: “The Trump campaign has put a tremendous amount of energy into suggesting that Biden could not manage to appear in public with any skill, which appears to be a bar that was not worth setting. ”

– Gloria Borger on CNN: “This may be the best speech Joe Biden has ever given. It was not a convention speech, written for applause; it was a presidential speech, even a sort of fireside chat. ”

– Joy Reid on MSNBC: “I think we found out tonight why Donald Trump feared him so much. ”

– SF Chronicle’s Tal Kopan before Biden’s speech: “It’s amazing how much this convention has argued that Joe Biden is just a really, really kind and caring person. This is not normally the basis of a presidential campaign. , but that says a lot about their reading of this moment in America. ”


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