‘Four-year-old’ girl found drifting half a mile out to sea on inflatable unicorn – World News


A boat crew was stunned to see a small child swept out to sea on an inflatable unicorn drifting into the sea.The small child was spotted by a crew off the Greek town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith.

Local press reported that the girl, aged four to five, escaped her parents’ attention as she played on the toy and was swept from shore.

When the parents realized their baby girl was out of sight, they informed the port authorities, reports the Greek City Path.

The authorities reportedly alerted the captain of the local ferry “Salaminomachos”.

Local press reported the girl, aged four to five, escaped her parents’ attention

The captain of the ferry on the Rio-Antirio sail located the child in the middle of the sea and slowly maneuvered the ship to his aid.

Images captured from the extraordinary incident show the little girl sitting calmly as the boat crew brings her to safety.

The clip shows her dressed in pink and clinging tightly to her unlikely raft on the open sea as her lifeboats approach.

A crowd gathers as a crew member waits at the bottom of the boat’s ramp as their toy floats and draws closer.

She was found floating off Rio Antirrio, Greece

The unicorn carrying the child drifts back to the boat as the crew wait with outstretched arms, and it rushes to get her out of the water safely.

His unicorn floating toy was also recovered.

The little girl was reportedly made unharmed by her parents.

Local media reported that she was not the first to turn away from the strong currents.

An elderly man was also reportedly recently blown away while floating on a sea mattress.


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