Four at RNC in Charlotte tested positive for coronavirus


Two participants and two staff working at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte tested positive for the coronavirus, local health officials said on Friday.Mecklenburg County officials said the four were in isolation and those they came into contact with had been alerted. The health department did not say if any had shown symptoms of the virus.

Charlotte officials had raised concerns about the lack of social distancing measures taken even at the reduced convention, where only a few hundred Republicans gathered for official re-appointment. President TrumpDonald John Trump The Memo: Trump Seeks Optimism As Weapon Against Biden Five Takeaways From GOP Breaking Standards Convention Trump Mocks Democrats in White House Speech: “We are here and they are no more and Vice President Pence. Video from the event showed few people wearing masks and many posing for photos together.

But Republicans took precautions, using special badges that recorded their movements in case contact tracers needed to alert them of possible infections.

“We had rigorous safety protocols in place, including testing all participants before arriving in Charlotte, and again upon arrival. Of around 1,000 tests administered, two RNC attendees, despite testing negative before travel, and two Charlotte residents who planned to serve as support staff at the event tested positive upon arrival. All have been sent home, ”said Michael Ahrens, communications director for the Republican National Committee.

The RNC said masks and social distancing practices were in place, although footage from the convention showed attendees gathering for selfies and conversations. Participants were asked to take their temperature daily and they completed wellness questionnaires daily.

The convention hasn’t turned out to be some sort of super-spreader event yet; Mecklenburg health officials said they performed 792 coronavirus tests among delegates and staff, with only four testing positive.

Most of the GOP convention events aired over four nights were held in Washington, DC, and culminated in a Thursday night speech by President Trump to a crowd on the White House lawn. Few in the crowd wore masks and people were sitting or standing close to each other.

Mecklenburg County has been hit hard by the coronavirus, which has infected nearly 25,000 residents. But the average number of cases has declined in recent weeks, from a peak of more than 300 cases in early July to just over 100 new confirmed cases every day.

Health officials said the vast majority of cases, around three-quarters, have been confirmed in people under the age of 60. Hispanics, and especially young Hispanic adults, are more likely to contract the virus, the health department said.


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