Fortnite for iOS and macOS will no longer be cross-platform when the new season launches


Epic Games plans to launch a new season of Fortnite tomorrow, in which new content, skins, map updates, and objectives are introduced to keep the gameplay fresh and vibrant. This week’s season is Marvel-themed.
This morning, Epic Games confirmed that it has no plans to give in and remove the direct payment option from the Fortnite app on iOS devices, which means the app continues to break the rules. from the App Store and cannot be updated. Fortnite for iPhone, iPad, and Mac won’t get the new season.
Additionally, when the new season launches, Fortnite players for iOS and macOS will no longer be able to play the game alongside Fortnite players on PC, Android devices, and consoles, as there will be two separate versions of the game. up-to-date with Chapter 2 Season 4 content available for Fortnite players on other platforms, and the non-updated version of Fortnite on Apple platforms.Epic Games confirmed at The edge this cross-platform play will not be possible and ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌ and Mac Fortnite players will only be able to play with each other. This means that Fortnite users who have friends on other platforms will not be able to play with those friends.

Epic was hoping to get a temporary restraining order from a judge that would have forced Apple to allow Fortnite to stay in the ‘App Store’ and be updated while the trial unfolds, but the judge ruled against Epic Games because the current situation is of its own making.

The judge who made the decision told Epic that all he had to do was “bring back the status quo and no one will suffer any harm,” but Epic apparently refuses to do so. At the restraining order hearing, lawyers for Epic said the company “would not be back in an anti-competitive deal.” Epic updated their FAQs with a similar statement:

Apple is asking Epic to reinstate Fortnite to use Apple Payments exclusively. Their proposal is an invitation to Epic to come to an agreement with Apple to maintain its monopoly on integrated payments on iOS, removing competition in the open market and inflating prices. In principle, we will not participate in this program.

Apple plans to terminate Epic Games developer accounts on August 28, and it’s not entirely clear what will happen when that happens. Fortnite might stop working entirely or continue to work in its current incarnation on devices that have already downloaded it.

It is not known why Fortnite could not be updated on macOS because it is not distributed through the Mac App Store, but it looks like Epic Games will be suspending updates on all Apple platforms. .

Although Fortnite is in danger and will not be updated on Apple devices, Apple has not been allowed to terminate the developer accounts of Epic International, which runs the Unreal Engine. Apple originally planned to terminate the Epic Games developer account and all associated accounts, but Epic was able to obtain a temporary restraining order to prevent this from happening.

A hearing for a preliminary injunction is scheduled for September 28, and it’s the next opportunity for Epic or Apple to get a new ruling that will change current orders. Unless Epic Games decides to abide by the “App Store” rules, Fortnite will not be able to update for at least the next month, if it continues to function after the Epic Games developer account is terminated. .


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