Former shed boy opens up about sex with Jerry Falwell Jr. and wife Becki


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Falwell had taken an indefinite leave of absence on August 7 from Liberty, the school he has run since 2007. The leave, announced in a laconic statement from the school’s board of directors, came days after Falwell published, then deleted, the Instagram photo. of himself with a young woman, whose pants were also partly undone.

Falwell later told a local radio station the image was meant to be a good-humored joke.

Falwell’s departure from Liberty University represents a remarkable fall from grace for a man who has been a powerful force in conservative American politics. His surprise endorsement of Trump in 2016 helped him win the Republican nomination for president.

Becki Falwell, 53, is a political figure in her own right. She served on the advisory board of the Women for Trump group, which advocates for the president’s re-election campaign. She also spoke on a panel with her husband and Donald Trump Jr at last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, the iconic annual gathering of Conservatives. Jerry Falwell and others refer to her as the “first lady of Liberty University”.

The university was founded in 1971 by Falwell’s televangelist father, the Reverend Jerry Falwell.

Currently, the university has an online and on-campus enrollment count that exceeds 100,000 students and holds those who attend a demanding honor code. “Sexual relations outside of a biblically ordered marriage between a natural man and a natural woman are not permitted at the University of Liberty,” the code reads.


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