Five years later, France will try the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo murders


The three attackers were killed by police in separate clashes.

In a video recording, Coulibaly said the attacks were coordinated and carried out on behalf of the Islamic State. The Yemen-based al-Qaeda group in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Zineb el Rhazoui, 38, who quit her job as a journalist at Charlie Hebdo two years after the attack, said she hoped her murdered colleagues would be remembered as gentle and cultured human beings.

“If (the attackers) committed this butchery, it is because they believed in an ideology and this ideology will have to be judged. This is what I expect, ”she told Reuters.

The alleged accomplices have been charged with crimes, including supplying weapons, membership of a terrorist organization and financing of terrorism.

Of the 14 defendants, three will be tried in absentia and may have died. Hayat Boumedienne, Coulibaly’s partner at the time of the attack, and brothers Mohamed and Mehdi Belhoucine reportedly traveled to areas of Syria under Islamic State control just before the attacks.


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