First wives of soap opera stars: photos of the original wives of the main men


Sometimes it takes more than one missus to find Ms. Right.Let’s do one thing from the start, OK? None of the actors included in this article – not one of them – is a Victor Newman. The young and the restless“Serial monogamous goes through spouses faster than we do a pot of coffee or a bottle of wine. And if you know something about us, you know that we really like our coffee and our wine!

But these leading men fact must love and lose a first companion to join the one to whom they really belonged. At least in most of their cases; unfortunately, some of their later unions did not remain loyal either. It happens.

Among the soap stars whose first women we are revisiting, there are Young and restless Winner of an Emmy who has proven over decades that he knows how to make a marriage last (and last and last…), a General hospital idiot who at one point definitely seemed to have a ‘type’, a Days of our lives the actor whose donut dollars we would have bet for the first time (Alice Horton), and Justin Hartley. Because, let’s face it, every third story currently includes The young and the restless“The old Adam Newman.

To view photos from our first women’s club, simply click on the gallery below. And while you hang out on, you might also like to check out this list of real couples that you probably forgot to have been couples before or this happy recap of the oldest married real duets of the day. .


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