Fire crews tackle massive blaze on Chobham Common in Surrey | UK News


Fire crews tackle a massive wildfire on Chobham Common in Surrey.

A dozen fire trucks, two water carriers and several other vehicles were dispatched to the scene to fight the blaze, according to Surrey Fire and rescue service.

He added that the call arrived around 12:25 p.m. on Friday, with the initial crews taking 10 minutes to reach the scene.

The crews arrived at the scene within 10 minutes. Pic: Surrey Police

The blaze, which spans over 40 hectares (0.5 square kilometers), spread to the nearby Wentworth Club golf course, ending play in the Grand Final of the Rose Ladies Series.

Photos from Sky Sports showed flames on the edge of the golf course, as competitors were dismissed for safety reasons.

Trains between Reading and London were disrupted in the aftermath of the fire, after railway lines covered in smoke.

The flames, which can be seen up to 10 miles away, were initially believed to have come from Heathrow Airport after reports surfaced on social media. The latter turned out to be false.

Local MP Michael Gove tweeted: “I am horrified by the damage this wildfire has caused to Chobham Common – and I hope people will heed this evacuation warning – thanks to the fire departments and rescue Surrey for their bravery in combating this terrible tragedy. ”

A resident, Griff Ryan, 23, said the fire started with a “strange light” and later turned into a “wall of flame”.

Drone footage shows the extent of the fire of 40 hectares. Pic: Search and rescue in Surrey

“The smoke gradually got worse and ashes started to fall in our garden,” he says.

“Now standing on Chobham Road. At around 5 p.m., the fire was still not visible from the road.

Fire at Chobham Common
Residents described it as a “wall of smoke”. Pic: Surrey Police

“For about half an hour he became visible and can now see a wall of flame descending towards the railroad tracks.

“Other residents I spoke to said it was the worst they’ve seen in 30 years. ”

The crews remain at the scene.


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