Finland Silver Cup 2020 in Canet en Roussillon, France


Finn Silver Cup 2020 in Canet en Roussillon, France – Day 1

by Robert Deaves Aug 18 06:01 UTC
August 15-21, 2020

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Reigning U23 world champion Oskari Muhonen of Finland leads the fleet after three races on the opening day of the 2020 Finn Silver Cup in Canet en Roussillon, France. Nicolas Thierse, of Germany, is second with Guillaume Boisard, of France, third.

The opening day brought light winds and very close races among the small fleet that traveled to the south of France amid tightening travel restrictions from many countries.

Race 1 started after a wind delay of 5-6 knots. Many wanted to go to the right, but in the end it was the left that paid off. Thierse got off to a great start and sailed in the middle and finished first lap of the summit. Muhonen was second with Taavi Valter Taveter of Estonia third. Not much changed downwind, but on the second upwind, everyone started to the left except Boisard who was ninth and hit the right, had a huge lever and came back just behind Thierse at the finish. Muhonen took third place.

Thierse also got off to a great start in Race 2 to lead the summit lap from the middle of the course for Domonkos Nemeth, Hungary and Muhonen. Downwind Taveter played to the left and took the lead, but Thierse regained the lead in the second lap to win his second race at Muhonen and Taveter.

Muhonen finally found the lead in the third and final race of the day with a 7-8 knot wind. He took advantage of a large harbor bias, veered into harbor and walked through the fleet. Boisard also got off to a good start with a tack in the middle of the line. The right side paid off with a stronger breeze, and at the top it was Muhonen, Taveter and Nemeth. Not much changed until the last tailwind, when Boisard moved up to second place behind Muhonen and Taveter.

After a great Finnish first day of racing, Kevin Maurin, from the local club, said: “It was quite easy to navigate the national waters. I was comfortable in the fleet and was able to follow my own strategy in the first two races and the third was pretty good too. ”

Maurin sails normally on a Laser Radial and did a good performance in his very first Finn regatta. “I had the opportunity to participate in the Silver Cup and they found me a boat, so I trained 5-6 times with Paul McKenzie and other boats of the club, always in these kinds of conditions so I’m pretty well prepared.

How did he manage during the lockdown. “Initially there was no training but just videos from my Laser coach, strategy theory and tactics, and as soon as the lockdown was over there were certain conditions to navigate and I could sail on Wednesdays and Saturdays so I started training again two days a week. ”

Muhonen described the day: “Today has been quite unstable and delicate with a lot of pressure differences and light winds. I didn’t have a good day but I’m in the lead for tomorrow. ”

About training this year he said: “Training in the summer was a bit difficult and harder than usual, so I only trained in Finland and France, and in Sweden as well. . Here we had a few days of training before. We came straight from Sweden, we trained with Max Salminen. Spring was more difficult but the situation was pretty good in Finland as we didn’t have full lockdown and we were able to sail. ”

Double winner of the title, he is the favorite to win a third title but knows that it will not be easy. “Obviously it would be nice to get a third title, so I’m doing everything I can to make it happen. ”

After three races, Muhonen leads the fleet of Thiase, which recovered fifth in the final race, with Boisard in third.

Overall the conditions were ideal for the fleet and made it difficult for the best as they didn’t have much advantage in light winds. It was still a light hike sitting on the side conditions. And the very light guys like the local sailor Kevin Maurin and Thierse had the same speed as the best. It was a great first day and quite close considering the big differences between the sailors’ experience.

The races continue until Friday with a series of 12 races on the program.

Results after day 1: (top dix, 3 courses)

1. FIN 8 – Oskari Muhonen – 6pts
2. GER – 723 – Nicolas Thierse – 7pts
3. FRA – 9 – Guillaume Boisard – 8pts
4. EST – 1 – Taavi Valter Taveter – 13pts
5. HUN – 80 – Dominican Nemeth – 15pts
6. FRA – 11 – Kevin Maurin – 17pts
7. FRA – 85 – Aubert Lerouge – 21pts
8. FRA – 98 – Thomas Piotrowski – 22pts
9. ESP – 888 – Andres Ivan Lloret Perez – 27pts
10. FRA – 1 – Lucas Descriaud – 29pts

Matchday 1 results available here.

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