Finally, tech titans’ nerd immunity shows signs of disappearing | Technology


TThe most striking thing about Wednesday’s congressional questioning of executives from Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon was the lack of deference to the Four Moguls. It was such a radical departure from previous practice – characterized by ignorance, majesty, and praise over these examples of the American way – that it was initially mind-boggling. “Our founders would not bow to a king,” House Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman David Cicillin said in his opening speech. “We must not bow to the emperors of the online economy either. “If we wanted a radical break from the legislative slumber of previous decades, that sounded like it. And indeed, to a large extent, it was. We have seen it, for example, in the aggressiveness of the Democrats’ questioning. Sometimes we remember the proceedings of the Supreme Court of the United States, where judges constantly interrupt lawyers before them to stop any attempt at legal exposure. The implicit message is, “We have done our homework. Now go to the point – if you have one. It was like that on Wednesday.


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