Fight breaks out on plane to Ibiza after two passengers “refuse to wear face masks”


A fight broke out on a plane to Ibiza after two “unruly” passengers allegedly refused to wear face masks.

Video footage onboard a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza appeared to show holidaymakers involved in a fight over the use of face masks.

KLM confirmed that there was an incident on the flight on Friday after two passengers “behaved verbally and physically”.

“Two unruly passengers refused to wear their face masks and they were disturbing their fellow travelers physically and verbally,” an airline spokesperson told The Independent.

The captain informed the authorities in Ibiza and the two passengers were arrested on their arrival, KLM confirmed to Standard.

The Instagram account which first posted the video claimed that one of the passengers involved was English and had drunk vodka.

The user wrote: “Panic and violent brawl!

“An unruly English passenger on the KLM flight to Ibiza, he had drunk Gregus vodka.

“They refused to wear face masks. 2 arrests were made. ”

The Instagram user said the two men, one of whom had no shirt and appeared to have blood on his nose, had “bothered other passengers.”

A passenger was heard shouting, “Stop now, there are children here!” ”

Face masks have been mandatory for KLM passengers since May 11.

The cabin crew also wear face masks, KLM said, and the measures are currently in place until August 31.


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