FDA recalls limes, lemons, oranges and red potatoes


My precious.
Photo: Getty Images

Just a few days ago, the CDC and the FDA advised us to chop our onions. Yes, all the onions, they said; reds, yellows, whites – all onions must go, lest a multi-state salmonella outbreak. It was bad enough, but now? Now a new line of relatively stable hot weather products has come under attack. On Wednesday, the FDA announced a voluntary recall of red potatoes – as in the type most commonly used in potato salad, a delicious summer treat – lemons, limes and oranges. Citrus has apparently been compromised, and in the hottest part of summer, no less.

Or, well, some of the citrus: the FDA announced on August 9 that the Wegmans Valencia oranges; Wegmans lemons and Freshhouse lemons; Limes Freshouse; Natures Promise organic limes; and the “Red B” potatoes fresh from the start, all sold by Freshouse II, LLC of Salisbury, North Carolina, had potentially been contaminated with listeria. More information on products and lot numbers can be found here.


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