Fans say Priyanka and Kiara’s lip-sync is one of the best in the franchise


Canada Drag Race didn’t last that long, but it’s already having an impact on the larger Course de dragsters de RuPaul franchise as a whole. A recent lip sync between Queens Kiara and Priyanka thrilled fans on how good it was.

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Kiara and Priyanka synced to Celine Dion song

In this season’s fifth episode, which was the Snatch Game, Kiara and Priyanka were the last two queens of the week and ended up lip-syncing. Kiara didn’t do very well the week before and narrowly missed lip sync. In contrast, Priyanka has been doing well in the competition so far but has bombed the Snatch Game, as has Kiara.

However, the two queens, both of high energy performance, gave their all in the lip syncing of Celine Dion’s “I Drove All Night”. It was the best lip-sync of the season yet and the first in which the queens used a lot of tricks, including splits and lethal drops.

Fans warmly welcomed the performance, calling it one of the best the franchise has seen. Some even compared him to Alyssa and Tatianna in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2, which is considered the best lip-sync out of all Course de dragsters show or season. “The Priyanka / Kiara Lipsync is in line with Tatianna / Alyssa and no one can tell me otherwise,” one person said.

A lot of people thought it had to be a double shantay. “If the Canadian drag race [sic] with the budget for more episodes, it would definitely be a double shantay, ”one viewer commented on YouTube. Another person said: “Voting is so boring it should [sic] been a double shantay, they both shot it.

Here’s what Kiara says about her elimination

In an exit interview, Kiara spoke to Now Toronto about lip-syncing, which won’t just happen Canada Drag Race history but overall Course de dragsters history.

Kiara said that due to her performance at the Snatch Game, she knew she would be lip-syncing and was up to it. “Right after the Snatch Game, I knew I was going to lip sync,” she said. “I went back to my hotel room, put the song on hold, wrote down all the tricks I can do on a piece of paper, and did them all. I was so focused and really hoped for a double safe.

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She continued, “I knew if I was against Priyanka I had to really hope for a double save because she already had a win, a main challenge win and a mini challenge win. Just logically, it would make more sense to keep Priyanka. So I really wanted to make sure there was a double safe. It didn’t happen, but I got off with a bang.

She says she should have done better in this dance-centric challenge.

Due to her performance during lip sync, she would also wish she had gone all out during the girl group challenge. “In the girl group challenge, when it was my turn, I could have gone all the way. I could have served at least a round or two. Even in[[[[Course de dragsters de RuPaul]Season 12, with the rap challenge – Widow Von’Du doing the contortions and splits and stuff, and Heidi N. Closet doing the field thing and everything, everyone gets by.

However, she says she was deliberately holding back because she knew there would be more times to come. “I was like, ‘I should have done everything too,’ because I know I can serve this level,” she explained. “But at the same time, I remembered thinking I wanted to save my shot for a special weapon. Like, I kind of wanted to stay under the radar – not for the judges, but for the other girls, so they would be surprised if they had to lip sync against me.

Canada Drag Race broadcast on Thursdays Request in Canada. In the United States, it also airs on Thursdays via the WOW Presents Plus streaming service. For cable subscribers, new episodes drop Monday on Logo.


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