‘False’: Trump attacks Fauci on Twitter over coronavirus response


Donald Trump clashed again with his leading infectious disease expert on Twitter, contradicting Anthony Fauci’s explanation of why coronavirus cases in the United States are rising as Europe’s numbers drop.

Mr Trump retweeted a video in which Dr Fauci describes the difference in reactions – most European countries have shut down the vast majority of their economies, while the United States has taken a less strict approach – calling the statement the “false” immunologist.

In recent testimony to Congress, Dr Fauci explains the decline in European cases as countries have shut down up to 95 percent of their economies, while the United States has only reached 50 percent.

Rather, the president asserted that the reason American cases continue to climb is related to testing. “Wrong! We have more cases because we have tested a lot more than any other country, 60,000,000. If we tested fewer, there would be fewer cases. How did Italy, France and Spain do? Now, Europe is unfortunately having flare-ups. Most of our governors have worked hard and smart. We will be back STRONG! ”

Dr Fauci is correct in asserting the difference between the closures, including noting that while some states followed the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control when reopening, others did not, resulting in outbreaks in many western and southern states.

The spat is the latest in a series of altercations indicating a turbulent relationship between the president and the expert.

Despite Mr Trump’s claims, the two have a “good relationship,” the administration and its allies have repeatedly undermined its own infectious disease expert. The president recently shared a tweet calling Dr Fauci a “fraud”.

While a recent poll showed approval rates for Mr. Trump’s handling of the pandemic to be at an all time high, Dr. Fauci enjoys the confidence of Americans. This led the president to wonder why “no one likes [him] ».

It comes as Mr. Trump continues to fall in the polls against Democrat Joe Biden.

With more than 150,000 deaths and a number of cases exceeding 4.5 million, the United States has the highest numbers in the world.


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