Fact check the second night of the RNC


It remains to be seen if this pace continues.

Tuesday’s “Land of Opportunity” lineup includes First Lady Melania Trump, speaking from the newly renovated rose garden, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has pre-recorded his remarks from Jerusalem where he is on a diplomatic visit.

CNN will be watching and checking those speeches and the rest of tonight’s remarks here, so check back for updates.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul has said he supports President Donald Trump because he seeks to end wars, not start them, citing Trump’s position on the Bush administration’s decision to invade the country. ‘Iraq.Paul said, “Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq, which President Trump has long called the worst geopolitical mistake of our generation.”

The facts first: Paul’s comments about Trump’s stance on war are misleading. It’s true that Biden voted for war in 2002, although he did. admit a few years later that his vote was a mistake.

Although Trump himself has repeatedly claimed to have opposed the war before it began, he only became an explicit opponent of the war more than a year after it began. He even expressed provisional support for the invasion in late 2002 and in his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve,” Trump argued that a military strike against Iraq might be necessary.

You can read more about Trump’s past comments on the Iraq war here.

– Tara Subramaniam

Religious freedom and the UN

Cissie Graham Lynch – a member of the Trump Campaign Evangelical Advisory Board and granddaughter of famous evangelist Billy Graham – said: “President Trump has become the first president to speak about the importance of religious freedom at the United Nations.”

The facts first: This is not true. Previous presidents, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush, George HW Bush, and Ronald Reagan, have all spoken of the importance of religious freedom in speeches at the United Nations General Assembly. Trump himself has has already made a smaller claim than Graham Lynch, claiming he is the first president to host a United Nations meeting specifically devoted to the topic of religious freedom. (We have yet to examine this claim by Trump.)

In Obama’s 2015 speech to the United Nations General Assembly, he argued that the freedom of “peaceful worship” is an obvious universal truth that does not depend on the culture of an individual country. In 2016, he called for equal treatment for “a religious minority in Myanmar”. In his 2014 speech, Obama denounced the terrorist group ISIS for starving “religious minorities”.

George W. Bush has called for religious freedom in various speeches to the United Nations General Assembly. He declared in 2005 that he had an “agenda for a freer world, where people can live, worship and raise their children as they wish”. In a 2007 speech, Bush also denounced the government of Myanmar (also known as Burma) for restricting freedom of worship, and later said of the world at large: “With commitment and courage from this chamber, we can build a world where people are free to talk, meet and worship as they choose. In his 2008 speech, he also called on nations to allow people to “worship as they please”.

In George HW Bush’s 1991 speech, he spoke of the need to defend “inalienable human rights” such as religious freedom, claiming that “the government has failed” if citizens “cannot practice their way. religion freely ”.

In Reagan’s 1986 speech, he blasted the Soviet Union for persecuting religious leaders.

– Daniel Dale

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