“F ** k You Trump”, “You will never get close” to Joe Biden’s DNC speech


Leftist actress Bette Midler took to Twitter on Thursday night Erupting, saying President Donald Trump would “never come close” to delivering a speech like the one Joe Biden gave at the Democratic National Convention.

“FUCK, #TRUMP! You will never get close to that speech, miserable toad! wrote on Monster show the actress said Thursday, following the conclusion of Biden’s speech at the DNC.

During his speech, Biden pledged he would implement “a national mandate to wear a mask” and said “no miracles are looming.” Biden’s speech apparently resonated with Midler, who earlier this year tweeted a caps collapse, proclaiming that President Trump “will rule you until he dies, you die, or both.”“HE PINNED THIS,” Bette Midler said of a meme the president tweeted. “YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE, DON’T YOU?” IT’S NOT. IT MEANS IT.

“HE WILL CHANGE THE RULES AND HIS ENABLERS WILL LEAVE HIM,” added the Cowardly women actress. “If he wins again, he will rule you until he dies, you die, or both.” THEN… YOU WILL GET IVANKA. “

Earlier this month, Midler launched a conspiracy theory that President Trump might tweet “a dick photo” in order to distract the public from thinking about his financial records. “Tomorrow may be the day he tweets a dick pic!” said Midler. “I look forward!”

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