Extend UK Leave Subsidies to Avoid Massive Job Losses, Urges Labor | UK News


Labor and a leading welfare think tank have called on the government to expand vacation subsidies for hardest-hit industries, with employers forced to make financial contributions to temporarily laid-off workers from this weekend. end.The Resolution Foundation said about half of the 9.2 million people placed in the government’s Job Retention Program (JRS) since its launch in April have still not returned to work. He warned that group faced the prospect of widespread layoffs when the scheme, which covers 80% of workers’ wages, closes on October 31, unless state subsidies are maintained beyond that date. .

Labor said nightclubs and indoor play areas, which are still banned from reopening, could be forced to cut thousands of jobs, with employers having to contribute to the program before it closes. These businesses are to remain closed due to a perceived increased risk of coronavirus transmission, which means they have no income.


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