Explosive EastEnders Returns Spoilers – A biting exit to a devastating lockdown secret


It’s time to get excited, EastEnders fans, as the BBC soap opera is finally making a comeback.With more than two months on the soap opera, viewers will have plenty of questions about what their favorite characters have been up to – and plenty of secrets are sure to slip out of the woodwork.

BBC soap opera executive producer Jon Sen and BBC continuing drama manager Kate Oates teased what fans can expect in the coming months.

From time bombs and explosive returns to devastating secrets and a scathing exit, these are the main storylines fans can expect.

The furious return of Stacey Fowler

Stacey Fowler’s dramatic return to Walford will see her face off against her best friend Ruby Allen in an epic showdown.

Actress Lacey Turner will be making a comeback this fall after leaving the BBC soap opera to go on maternity leave last year.

Stacey Fowler will finally return to Walford – and she’s not happy

Stacey is about to find out that her ex-husband Martin Fowler not only slept with boyfriend Ruby – but lived with her throughout the lockdown.

And to say that she is upset would be an understatement.

Teasing his return, Jon told the Mirror and other news outlets: “The great [to look forward to] is Stacey – we were waiting for her to come back.

Stacey will be on the warpath after finding out about Ruby and Martin’s relationship

“Lacey is amazing and is part of EastEnders story and we really ran out of her energy in the Slaters so the first two weeks we tease a mystery – where’s Stacey?

“Does all of this stuff happening in the Square have to do with her?” Then she’s back in style.

“There are some fantastic scenes from Ruby vs. Stacey – and we can’t wait to find out what Stacey does when she finds out what’s going on between Martin and Ruby. It’s a comeback that is a great moment. “

Great Christmas Scenario

Kate Oates has confirmed that she and Jon Sen are planning the famous Christmas Day episode.

While keeping spoilers a secret as such, she confessed one important thing that will pave the way for the months to come.

She has confirmed that an old character will be making a comeback for some huge scenes to come.

Huge comeback is in store for an EastEnders character this Christmas

Kate explained, “Absolutely. We have the second draft of the script scene for this Christmas.

“We have an exciting comeback planned and it will be part of a huge, long-standing story that we’re going to play this Christmas. ”

She continued, “Jon is so organized, we kind of know what we’re doing the next Christmas too.

“We have really long arcs and that’s when you know you’re in a good position to make soap.

“So not only are we on track for this Christmas, but we know where we are going with the next one. EastEnders Christmas is very much on the agenda. “

Ian Beale’s explosive exit

EastEnders boss Jon teased Ian Beale’s dramatic exit later this year as he is set to become Walford’s most hated resident.

Earlier this month, the BBC soap opera confirmed that actor Adam Woodyatt will be taking time out while his character is being written.

Viewers will recall that the last episode on TV before the soap opera aired involved the confirmation of Ian and Sharon as the new co-owners of The Queen Vic.

Ian Beale will finally leave EastEnders

However, fans also know that Sharon is still unaware of the role Ian played in the death of her son Dennis.

“Ian is creating as many enemies as before,” Jon said. “And these stories continue from before.”

Meanwhile, Kate added, “Sharon doesn’t know about Ian’s role in Dennis’ death so it’s an unexploded bomb and the irony is that she’s defending him as he becomes more and more more unpopular with others in the square and members of his own family. .

“So we’re going to watch this unfold. “

Denise Fox’s dark past comes back to haunt her

Denise Fox’s dark past will come back to haunt her, EastEnders boss Jon Sen has confirmed – and it will have something to do with Mica Paris joining the show.

The BBC soap opera confirmed earlier this month that Mica will play the new ‘spirited’ character Ellie Nixon, who will ruffle a few feathers.

Denise Fox’s past will come back to haunt her

It was also revealed that Ellie would have a surprising connection to the Square – which, it turns out, will reconnect with Denise and is expected to have a major impact on her life.

Jon told us, “We were desperate for a big story for the Truemans and we have a great story for Denise – the news that aired about Mica Paris last week, so we all know she’s coming on. place and that is part of Denise’s story.

The character of Mica Paris is connected to Denise

“It really pushes Denise to the front of the series – these Trueman stories are going to really turn on.

“If anyone who knows anything about their history probably knows where we’re going with this, the past will come back to haunt you. “

Fight between love and duty for Ben and Callum

Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell are ready to face even more obstacles, the former caught between his duty as a police officer and his love for Ben.

Speaking to us and other news outlets on what the future holds for the couple, actor Tony Clay said: “Callum has been rushed into the police force, he’s now full fledged, starting his new career.

“Of course that causes its own problems down the line. He always tries to do the right thing but the heart wants what the heart wants. And then you have Ben and his dad – he couldn’t have chosen worse! No, just kidding!

“You will see a new side of him – he grows in himself, in his new job and in the adventures he will have. “

Ben and Callum will struggle in the upcoming scenes as the latter is torn between love and duty

He added that Callum would become “overwhelmingly in conflict” and that viewers would “see a new side” for him.

Tony added, “Family is everything. How does Callum fit into this with Ben and Phil? He never had that, he comes from a broken house but he is welcomed into the fold. Lots of twists and turns.

“Lots of twists and turns. Callum has this new career path, but Ben has his own path as such. It will be really interesting to see how he handles the two.

“They haven’t been together because Ben and Phil have been at high risk, but it brought that closeness back.

“Ups and downs, as we want! “

Chantelle files for divorce after hell of foreclosure abuse

Chantelle Atkins has been horribly abused by her husband Gray Atkins over the past year, but actress Jessica Plummer has confirmed that her character will seek to escape Gray once and for all.

No one knows about her secret ordeal, but after being trapped in lockdown with a Gray on leave, Chantelle will decide enough is enough.

Chantelle will finally try to escape her violent husband

She plots to escape him as he stays at the boiling point for a trial period for the house, realizing he isn’t going to change.

When the soap resumes, it’s been a few months since we last saw the residents with some sort of flash-forward, instead following the latest scenes shown.

During this time, Chantelle had a “light bulb moment” and decided to leave Gray.

Speaking of the scenes set to air soon, Jessica revealed the character has found her “inner-Taylor,” being a member of Taylor’s fiery clan led by mom Karen.

She said on Secrets From The Square to host Stacey Dooley: “I think Chantelle is going to find her inner Taylor.

Gray has been secretly abusing Chantelle for years

“I think Chantelle had her bulb moment. I think the cent has dropped.

Gray actor Toby-Alexander Smith also discussed the looming scenes.

He said on the show: “Gray has been put on leave which is a strain on his ego.

“Of course, naturally, that causes Gray to get frustrated with Chantelle.

“Therefore, I imagine it’s around the boiling point. ”

Meanwhile, soap boss Jon has also talked about adjusting some scenarios after soap was forced to take a break during the pandemic.

He said: “I think it’s the responsibility of a soap opera to reflect the world and to reflect what is happening in the big world and in society, and the societal changes that have taken place in the country and reflect those accounts of what is happening.

“So of course we wanted to reflect that, but we just adjusted the stories we had to really, really embrace that.

“And like we said, the huge impact on the domestic violence narrative and we really touch on that. It’s really a powerful story that we can put at the heart of the series.

* EastEnders returns September 7 on BBC One


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