Examine how Jeudy & Hamler can make the Broncos WR Courtland Sutton even better


The Denver Broncos lacked consistent production from their unnamed wide receivers Courtland Sutton in 2019, as most fans know. Sutton was the only Denver wide receiver to play reliably in a season where he truly became a star.

This led to problems with the Broncos’ passing game because the attack had not received threats. Denver’s only other weapons to receive were rookie tight end Noah Fant and his running backs.

Even when the Broncos had Emmanuel Sanders, he wasn’t too consistent and caused other issues behind the scenes. The Broncos’ problems at the wide receiver level make it very clear why the team went out of their way to get help in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Not only do more and better guns help sophomore quarterback Drew Lock, but they also bring relief to Sutton in so many ways. Upgrading the receiver body was a must and Denver did just that in the first two rounds by drafting Jerry Jeudy 15th overall and KJ Hamler in the second round.

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Jeudy was one of the best receivers in the draft and the best road racer in the class. Hamler is an explosive little game maker who has some problems with the drops, and by some, I want to say Major.

Nonetheless, the Broncos really added playing potential with both of these receivers and offense lacked that explosive threat in 2019. The ways these two can help Lock are very obvious and have been discussed at length here at Mile High Huddle, but how exactly can Jeudy and Hamler help Sutton?

The answers are not so obvious. I break down this very subject video above, so be sure to read it before moving on to the next article. This welcoming body has the potential to be something special in 2020 and beyond – provided these broad youngsters all develop as Denver hopes.

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