EVA Air to operate flights from Macau (update)


Lau Fong Chi, who heads the public relations division of the Macau Government Tourism Board (MGTO), told Friday’s press conference that from the end of the month EVA Air will operate five flights. between Macau and Taipei, from where local passengers can take transfer flights to London and France, as part of the Macau government’s special measure to help Macau residents who are registered abroad to get travel to the respective countries after their summer vacation here. According to Lau, three EVA Air flights will depart for London via Taipei on August 26, September 9 and 23 respectively, while two flights will depart for France via Taipei on August 28 and September 4. Lau said the students could then choose to fly. in Portugal or in other European countries upon arrival in London or France. EVA Air serves Paris only in France.Lau also said that Air Macau will also operate a number of flights from Macau to Seoul from which local students will be able to take transfer flights to London. Lau did not mention Air Macau’s flight schedule.

A spokesperson for the Macau Government Tourism Board (MGTO) told media on Friday that EVA Air and Air Macau flights are scheduled flights, however, the schedules have been adjusted to make transfers necessary to Taipei and to Seoul more convenient for Macau students. The spokesperson also said that the flights are business operations that are not paid for by the Macau government.

(The Macau Post Daily / Macau News)


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